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A mentor is usually a voluntary counselor or teacher who guides you in work, school, or other areas of your life.MicroMentor is a free business mentoring program for entrepreneurs and a rewarding volunteer opportunity for business professionals.Over the past few years I have had many mentors, but the best one by far has been Andy Liu.

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Finding the Right Professional Mentor. Author. Taunee Besson,. you might instead look for a professional mentor a couple of levels higher up the career ladder.

Are you a parent, guardian, teacher, or caring adult to a young person who you feel could benefit from a mentor.Discover how to build a business that supports your dreams, and do it all on your own terms. Click the button below to meet my friend and mentor Chris.I would love to have someone who has been successful calorie counting and excising to help keep me motivated.Mentors are positive people who will help you find the lessons in your experience and use them to obtain career success.

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At the basic level, a spiritual mentor is someone who helps you grow.

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Lots of companies now offer mentoring programs, where executive-level.

Very athletic, but need help in social skills of going from high school to college.Here are 10 qualities to seek out in an effective mentor. 1. Willing to help.

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Three Ways Walking and Talking Will Recharge Your Business Mentoring Relationship.

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The following checklist is a rather detailed, point-by-point academic exercise to help you find the ideal mentor for you.Should also note that a good mentor wont charge you (they wont need the cash) but a crappy one will (gotta pay the bills somehow).To provide a transformational learning experience within an inclusive educational community for young adults.Someone who has been there before you, been in the game a longer time, and can pass on one or more things to you.Ten Steps to Finding Your Mentor Written by Pat Williams with Jim Denney.Look to older family members or friends, neighbors, spiritual leaders, community.

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Hello Everyone I am 23, I live in Long island looking for a mentor in New york who can help me out.Once you narrow down what you need from a mentor, searching for one becomes a bit easier.Hello, I resigned from a company that I had worked at for 20 years in order to focus on a change in career path.

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You can also register with HOH by filling out the Looking for a Mentor form provided below.

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Even though he was looking to mentor someone who was much older than I was, he was really impressed.

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