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Allaq wants to keep everyone informed, but he is NOT talking about 2018.One of our jobs at Wall Street Daily is to help you sniff out scams: Karen Canella breaks down three currency scams you should avoid at all costs.It says that eventually being corrupt will be of no gain. 6-13-2017.Iraqi Dinar news, the latest Iraqi dinar news by Central Bank of Iraq press releases and Iraqi Dinar news.

You may also export this information to Excel or another spreadsheet program.I have a sneaky suspicion Abadi wants a Ramadan announcement of complete victory.IMHO. 6-12-2017.Still no confirmed reports of his death apart from Syria state television but I find it interesting that the above article throws out the crazy rumor about him.Companies are not looking to participate from a currency revalue standpoint.they are looking at the revenue for 20-30 years.Iraqi Dinar (IQD) Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Calculator: This currency convertor is up to date with exchange rates.

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It also marks the fifth business day they have posted no auction at all on their spreadsheet. 6-12-2017.

The prime minister himself made an announcement in late April that the country is working with the IMF to have ALL Chapter VII sanctions lifted in 2 months.The Iraqi Dinar Trade is a place where you can find Iraqi dinar news.These sources are the Finance Committee of the government of Iraq (GOI) and the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI).

Is The Iraqi Dinar Worthless Paper Or Maker. government revaluation of the Iraqi dinars back into U.S. dollars.A great source for Iraqi Dinar Information, News and Facts concerning Iraqi Dinar Revaluation, Iraqi Economy and Politics.Also available are Iraq Dinar services like cheap money tranfers, a IQD currency data, and more.Iraqi paramilitary troops announced on Wednesday that they had retaken.

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The Guardian - Back to home. home. Retired general indicates aggressive turn in Iraq and.The end of Ramadan and the liberation of Mosul could happen at the same time.

These petrodollar surpluses could be described as net US dollar-equivalents earned from.

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The currency of Iraq is known as the Iraqi dinar (IQD), sometimes referred to as the New Iraqi dinar.View a table of historical Iraqi Dinar exchange rates against the US Dollar.Iran poses a far more serious threat to the U.S. than its disputed nuclear aspirations.

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Lots of High End officials will be Iraq tomorrow, IMF is giving them another 38 Million or Billion I believe tomorrow or after they post a rate, too much reading brain overload.Everything points to end game and we have known this now since the UNSC Doc hit a week ago this last Friday.

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There are, however, some fundamental problems with the Iraqi dinar scam that potential buyers should be aware of before they begin investing in one of the most.

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I believe that the corruption issues are more important than the Mosul issues at the current time.Maybe IS is having a hard time confirming his whereabouts and had to put something out to cover themselves.

This means Abadi is targeting way before the end of June to complete ISIS mission and so by this timeframe they can go ahead with lifting these sanctions.Blog and free email Newsletter for news, rumors, and opinions regarding currency speculation focusing on the Iraqi Dinar, and other currencies.

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Iraqi Dinar revaluation postponed by Central Bank for 5 years says MP Noura al-Bajari.

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The aim of this site is to inform people about not only the Iraqi Dinar Currency.

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