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The goal of Wealth Adviser is to ensure that concise, informative financial education is available to everyone at no cost.How it works: Low-cost ETFs (with annual fees between 0.12% and 0.16%) fill the portfolios that Betterment has created to suit every goal and time horizon.

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Online free advice from Citizens Advice to help you find a way forward, whatever the problem.Smart new websites and apps that will change the way you save, shop, bank, invest and more.Jeff Davis, director of advisory sales at the online financial adviser Personal Capital, on a video conference.

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Hover over each category and explore different topics. Stocks Bonds Mutual funds Asset allocation Hiring financial help.

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Many will even do the trades for you, rebalance your portfolio periodically and suggest ways to minimize your taxes, too.New automated financial managers and human assistants are at the ready.Money on Toast give you free financial advice and build you an investment portfolio that is right for you.Financial Post Magazine. Power Corporation of Canada and Power Financial Corporation are pleased to announce the appointment of Paul C.

The service also lets you exclude from the analysis any securities you prefer to hold.

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How it works: Answer ten simple questions, and the Web site kicks out two portfolios for you: one for your taxable account and another for a tax-deferred retirement account.

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Then it tells you what to buy, sell or hold, providing specific fund or ETF selections for each asset class.In most of the above cases, you may only want to pay for a single visit with a financial advisor, or ongoing paid financial advice may not be necessary.Free financial advice and financial help on ways to save money, create a household budget, get out of debt, retire early and find financial freedom.

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The firm has 20 portfolios, which hold ETFs that invest in U.S. and foreign stocks, bonds, and real estate.Get quick and accurate answers from an financially intelligent and competent individuals.It rates thousands of funds on at least 50 different factors, which means it can advise you on your 401(k) holdings, too.Fees, as a percentage of assets, drop as portfolio balances rise.With WealthBar you can invest online in RRSPs, TFSAs, and more, with a dedicated financial advisor.

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Cons: Betterment does not accept securities, so you may have to sell current holdings to provide the cash to open an account.

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How it works: AssetBuilder invests your money in a mix of U.S. and foreign stocks, real estate stocks and bonds.

How it works: This Mint-like account aggregator started in 2011.Cons: No advice on 401(k) funds unless you pay for premium service.

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Robo-advisors are a class of financial adviser that provide financial advice or portfolio management online with minimal human intervention.

LearnVest empowers everyone to take control of their personal finances.Join other Canadians to ensure access to quality financial advice.

On most, you can view the recommended portfolios and see which funds they hold, along with recent performance.Online personal finance software apps are used with your web browser to manage financial accounts, budget, repay debt and plan for future goals.Marketing, business - Starting a Business as a Financial Advisor - you want to improve your financial prospects you want to consider getting Online Financial Advice from Tradewalla, which combines traditional old school.Now it will execute those trades for you, using Fidelity, Schwab and TD Ameritrade as account custodians.It lets you view all your investments in one place and appraises funds you own, including those in your 401(k) plan.Honest and straight forward online financial advice for people looking for investment, pensions, mortgage, life assurance advice.Discover more about ATB Online and ATB Online Business. Click here.After considering the fund evaluations and any tax implications from selling specific securities, Jemstep tells you what to buy and sell to bring your portfolio in line with an asset-allocation plan tailored for you.